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How it Works?

Unaccompanied Minor Flights

Book flights for Unaccompanied Minors

Airlines have dramatically varying policies and fees and forms when it comes to children flying alone under the designation of an unaccompanied minor which is why we make this complicated process hassle-free. We help you understand if your kid qualifies to travel alone and if it is convenient for your family plans. Allow us to become a guide for your minor mhild flying alone, here it all begins:

Who is considered as an Unaccompanied Minor?

Any child who is 5-14 years (airlines regulations may vary) who travels without accompanying an adult is considered as an Unaccompanied Minor. No children aged between 2-5 years are allowed to travel alone in any circumstances. An unaccompanied minor is also not permitted to travel on standby and must be confirmed to travel to their final destination.

Unaccompanied Minor Norms and Formalities

When a child travels alone, few procedures are followed by all the airlines similarly. The parent or guardian must be present at the airport at the time of check in and cannot leave until the flight takes off. All unaccompanied minors must report at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flight and 4 hours prior to departure for international flights. Parent/guardian who will receive the child at the destination are requested to report at the arrival hall 30 minutes before arrival. A parent or guardian is required to complete a signed Unaccompanied Minor form at the point of check-in at each departure airport prior to travel. The form must include the name and contact numbers of the parent or guardian (above the age of 18) who will meet the unaccompanied minor at the point of arrival. Valid photo ID for both the unaccompanied minor and the parent/guardian is required at the point of check-in. These are few basic norms followed equally by all the airlines. It may appear to involve several things to consider while booking a ticket for a minor but it is only for the safety of your child.

What is Unaccompanied Minor Service?

When your child is travelling alone, you would want them to be safe and ensure that all their needs are addressed in real time. This is where Unaccompanied Minor Service helps you stay stress-free. A staff member will take the child to the aircraft where one of the cabin crew will then look after them. During the flight cabin crew will keep an eye on the child and make sure that they get everything they need and also provide them the meal on time. Parent/guardian are requested to pack medication, warm clothing and a favorite toy or game in their hand baggage for a comfortable journey. When the flight lands at the destination a staff member will accompany the child to the arrival hall to safely drop off the child.

How can you book a flight for Unaccompanied Minor?

By now you must be aware the criticality an Unaccompanied Minor booking involves and hence it cannot be booked online by anyone themselves. If any policy is not met then passenger can be denied to board the flight and you may end losing the entire money you spent on the ticket. Hence, in order to book a flight for an Unaccompanied Minor you need to speak to a professional who can guide you to book a perfect trip for your child travelling alone. You can call at 1-888-316-4927 to speak to a travel specialist and book an unaccompanied minor flight ticket.

Airlines Offering Unaccompanied Minor Service 



Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

JetBlue Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

United Airlines


We'll help you find the best deal for your child flying alone

As the vacation arrives hundreds of parents or grandparents yearn to spend some quality time with their children. This often demands for kids to fly alone to different cities, states and sometimes even different countries. Choosing the right flight for your child requires you to dig in different rules and regulations followed by thousands of airlines operating in the market. It is also not like a regular booking which you may be allowed to book online by all the airlines and agency websites existing on the internet. We at Cheap Fare Booking makes this process easier for you by taking care of each and every need of your child flying alone. Our travel expert will guide you with the Airlines rules, policies and fees to help you find your best deal. You can provide the necessary guardian information to our specialist and book your flight without any hassle. We also keep our customers updated if airlines makes any change to the flight booking. Our Specialists take care of re-booking the flights with ease too.

Hurry up now!! Pick up the phone and dial +1-888-316-4927 speak to our highly trained travel specialist and book the flights for your kids flying alone.

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